Baco EasyCut Cling Film Refill – For Perfect Food Wrapping


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Bacofoil EasyCut Cling Film Refill 60cm x 35m

Keep your food fresh and flavorful with Bacofoil EasyCut Cling Film Refill. This refill is made from high-quality PVC film and is perfect for wrapping and covering all foods. It is also microwave and freezer safe, making it the perfect solution for storing leftovers or preparing meals ahead of time.


  • 60cm x 35m size
  • Perfect for food wrapping, microwaving, and freezing
  • Use with Bacofoil EasyCut Cling Dispenser
  • Keeps food fresher
  • Strong seal and grip
  • Suitable for wrapping
  • Suitable for covering all foods
  • Extra wide for covering plates of food


  • Keeps food fresher for longer
  • Prevents food from drying out or getting freezer burn
  • Easy to use and dispense
  • Resealable for freshness

Order your Bacofoil EasyCut Cling Film Refill today and start enjoying the benefits of fresh, flavorful food!


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